31 January 2008


I managed to find time to give my TIF piece the final touch tonight. Here it is!

Size: 40 x 50 cm

I very much enjoyed this challenge and I look forward to next month. Tomorrow! Where did January go?


Ruth said...

Well done Annica! It's already February in Australia.

Natalya said...


Sequana said...

Beautiful! I love those little bundles.

The Feb. challenge looks great. I'm anxious to see what you'll do.

January went to last month heaven. *S*

vincibene said...

Very beautiful! I love the colours. So mellow!
It is exciting to observe the TIF and to see the different results.


Waltraud said...

I agree with your "Love,Kindness and Joy"! Well done. And I am also looking forward to next theme.1
Have a nice day!

ANDREA said...

Hi Annica, I love your bundles of good feelings! So many beautiful stitches... Great piece of work. Love the colours too.
I'm looking forward to your next challenge:)

neki desu said...

i'm in love with the stitched

neki desu

Nikki said...

I love your bundles. Something to fill our lives with!

linda stokes said...

Looks lovely Annica, well done.

Dianne said...

Looks great Annica! Love the name "Bundles", and the seniments next to each bundle is lovely!