24 August 2008


I'm moving again. I found a place that is three times bigger then where I'm living right now. And most important of all I WILL HAVE A SEWINGROOM!!!!! I'm so excited!

So just give me a couple of weeks or so and I'll be back blogging again. Did I mention I WILL HAVE A SEWINGROOM!!!!!

Here are two lovely ATCs I got from Gunnel and Winifred in Australia. (I don't think Winifred has a blog.) Gunnels card is the one with the green button. Thank you very much!

This is the ATCs I send to Gunnel and Winifred. I hope they like them.


Vicki W said...

Good luck on the move! We can't wait to see the new sewing room. You msut give a tour.

Gina said...

Best wishes for your move Annica.

Anonymous said...

Hooray - a sewing room! good luck with the move. see you then!

Leah said...

congratulations on your upcoming move and new sewing room! your ATCs are lovely, i especially love the bright colors!

Doreen G said...

Way to go Annica--a sewing room all to yourself-there will be no stopping you now.

Wanda said...

Going through the joys of moving now myself. I'm so sick of boxes and I just can't wait for it all to be over. Ok, I think I starting packing way too early but that is me. I'm envious of a sewing room! Wow...that and my own workshop are my dreams! Very nice ATCs. I've got to get into that after I MOVE!!!!

Jeanette Nord said...

Wow! YOU WILL HAVE A SEWINGROOM! How awesome is that! Godd luck on the move and welcome back real soon and tell us more about the SEWINGROOM !!!


PS Beautiful ATC:s

Genie said...

Hi Annica, Good Luck with your move, enjoy your sewing room.
love the ATC's

Dale Anne Potter said...

Hope you move has gone well!

I've tagged you for an award on my blog.

Susan Lenz said...

I've been meaning to write for at least two weeks now! I can't believe it's taken me so long....and I'm not even moving! My time in Sweden is still germinating in my mind, my thoughts, and will likely affect my art in more ways than I can imagination. The most wonderful thing about the experience, of course, was getting to meet you. Thanks so very, very much for EVERYTHING! Good luck with the move.

Yesterday was the end of the 80808 on 80808 show at the gallery. All the artists in the show had a small dinner together....the type where everyone brings a dish of food and shares everything. I brought the matches I bought at Skansen and they were a big hit.

Yesterday was also the close of Blues Chapel in Pickens. Steve and I rented a twelve foot long truck to haul everything, including the church pew, back to Columbia.

Last week I started teaching a three session class (once a week) at the local art museum. It went wonderfully. Tonight is the second session and hopefully I'll remember to take out my camera for some blog images!

Mathias flew back to England shortly after I returned from Sweden. I haven't heard anything from Alex.

Oh, last week, after teaching at the museum, I attended an art event. My friend Marcelo Novo was walking me to my van. He's from Argentina. We were talking about Sara Lechner and how many artist from Buenos Aires have found homes elsewhere in the world when we were robbed at gun point! Amazingly, I wasn't scared at all. The two were very, very young and held their weapons above their heads, showing us the side of the guns, sort of hopping up and down, bent wrists, gesturing like so many "gangster" movements while demanding money. I only had my keys with me. For some really good reason, I locked my purse in the van when I arrived. The bigger of the two actually knocked me to the ground. The younger, smaller of the two demanded to know which vehicle was mine. I pointed at a car furthest from my van. Basically, this meant he tried to open a Jaguar with my utility van keys. The bigger one took Marcelo's rings and wallet. Fortunately, more people inside the building started to come out. This frightened the two away. I figured that there was a good chance that my keys were tossed while they ran. The next morning Steve and I returned to look for them. (Obviously, Steve had to come with the extra car keys and the police came and filed a report.) Well, we didn't find anything but by that afternoon someone turned in my keys to the police. Since then, the police have caught one of the two and are looking for the younger one...who is just fifteen years old! Unfortunately, Marcelo's wallet hasn't turned up. He doesn't care about the cash. Everyone knows that's gone....but his green card was inside!

So, there's the excitement for the week. Steve and I are trying to get ready for the time I'll be in Maine for six weeks. I've now got a laptop. We're trying to make sure I can do everything I usually do on it!

H.D. Campbell said...

good luck with your move and your sewing room! share some pics of your new space when your all set up

Lise said...

Congratulations!! How fun with a sewing room. I'm looking forward to the photos......I've enjoyed Susan's post on her blog about her trip to Sweden - you really had a fantastic time!! And Stockholm is a beautiful town.

Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

Enjoy setting up your sewing room,
how exciting.
Look forward to seeing it.


Hello Annica, I love all your pieces of art. You are a very Kreativ person.

Hence, I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Please see details on my blog. Hugs Judy

Unknown said...

How lovely to hear that you are moving to such a nice, large new home! Wonderful to be able to have your own sewing room! Enjoy!!!

Kate North said...

So, will you have a sewing room in your new place? :)

I have my own - very small - but it makes SO much difference, doesn't it! Hope your cold is gone soon.

Jodi @ Happy House Quilts said...

Yippee a sewing room!!! Whoo hoo! I just bought an embellisher today...my present for finishing up chemo...hooray for both of us!!!