08 February 2007

In the Middle of Nowhere- Part 2

On 31 January I posted a picture of a piece I just finished called “In the Middle of Nowhere”. I’ve had a couple of people commenting on Flickr, asking me how it was made. I thought I would write a little bit about it here as well.

This piece is made of three layers of fabric. The beige background is in polyester. Then there’s some hand-dyed scrim in red and purple. The third fabric is the greyish rayon on top. The rayon fabric had a rather big and bold pattern. I cut out a piece that I could use as background but I didn’t alter it in any way.

The same thing with the brown borders, that was a part of at bigger design, I cut out small pieces and used them here. All the stitching is made by hand. I used several different kinds of thread in rayon and silk.


gunnelsvensson said...

Mycket lläckert! Kul att hitta en svenska till bland bloggarna. Såg att du också hade ett album på flickr

Hälsningar Gunnel i göteborg

Dianne said...

I really love this! How you've made the border really draws the eye to the picture inside.