30 March 2007

1,2,3...10 000

The March Challenge at Indigo was "A day of my life". We were supposed to make an embroidery about something we see or do every day.

My piece is about my pedometer. I've had it for 2,5 years and I think it's a very helpful little gadget. I aim to do 10 000 steps per day but I have to admit that most days I don't.

I tie-dyed the green and yellow fabric and made a print of my shoe. On the yellow fabric I used green flax thread to make the figures. I hand and mashine stitched them to a black linen fabric. Size: 27 x42 cm. The title is 1,2,3... 10 000

1 comment:

maggie said...

a simple piece of work and it says a lot. shoe prints are so interesting.