07 March 2007

No stitching today

I've been stuck by the computer all day. The reason for that is that I'm taking a class in photo editing. It's a lot of fun but very time consuming. So this is what I've been doing for the last hour and a half, my self-portrait. I won't be boring you with all the photoshop details.

This is what I look like on the inside! :-)

Now I have to get started on my TAST sample for this week. I can't believe it's week 10 already.


gunnelsvensson said...

Hej Annica! Kul att se hur du ser ut! Och din insida!!!

Dianne said...

Good on you for taking that class - it really is something I should do too!! Is that you as Queen Annica?

Susan D said...

I did a class on how to use Photoshop a few years ago and it's come in very useful for my blog and textile work. We did some amazing things and I won't believe or disbelieve any photograph I see now.