03 March 2007

Saturday Morning Treasure Hunt

There's a second-hand market not far from where I live. It's very popular and there's always a queue outside before opening. I went there this morning and look what I found! 135 new little friends!

They keep the buttons in a chest of drawers. As I was going through one drawer after another a man came up to me and said: On a treasure hunt, are you? trying to be funny. I answered: Yes, actually I am! Because I can go to a second-hand market and buy 135 buttons for 10 Sek (about £0.70 or $1.50) and feel like I won the lottery. Isn't that great!


Dianne said...

Buttons, buttons and buttons - can never have enough buttons!!

Doreen G said...

Now that's what I call a treasure hunt and I must say I get a great pleasure sorting through buttons- there is something about the seek and find mission that it rewarding

gunnelsvensson said...

åh, vilket fynd! Är du knappoman också! Har du testat tradera? Jag har köpt en del där. Jag gillar när knapparna sitter kvar på sina orginalförpackningar, men då vill man ju inte gärna använda dom sedan!