27 April 2007

Take a Stitch Tuesday

Yes! The TAST stitch this week is Running Stitch! This is my kind of stitching! Nice and easy!

This piece I call "Running back and Forth". It's running stitch on cotton. I dyed the fabric and then I printed and painted it. For the printing I used wooden blocks from India. I guess this piece has an indian theme. I've been looking at
Kantha stitching lately and that really inspired me. The size is 17 x 22 cm


kay susan said...

Nice. You can see the kantha influence here, but more in your sudden changes piece.

Dianne said...

The fabric is wonderful!! Running stitch - that is more for me too!!!

neki desu said...

thanks for the Kantha link! very inspiring

neki desu

Luci F said...

I love this combination and it inspired me to look through my stash to work on a piece I had printed.
The Kantha link is great. I had seen it before and loved it - but had no idea what it was called or its story. Thank you.