27 May 2007

Lilies of the Valley

Today it's Mother´s Day here in Sweden. I don't know why we don't celebrate on the same day as the rest of the world, but here Mother´s Day is alway the last Sunday in May. Father´s Day is the third Sunday in November.

When I was growing up my family always went to pick Lilies of the Valley on Mother´s Day. Three big bouquets, one for my mother and one each for my grandmothers. So Mamma and Mormor(Gran)these are for you! Grattis på Morsdag!


gunnelsvensson said...

Ja, absolut, liljekonvaljer förknippar jag också med mors dag!

Susan Lenz said...

Maybe Mother's Day is on a different day just to remind some of us to call home, make our mother feel special, and celebrate...even if it isn't Mother's Day here!
PS Your post worked for me!