02 August 2007

Houses in Sweden

If you have a gate like this,
then you should defintely have a balcony like this.

Houses in Stockholm.

Thanks everyone for all your comments during my scandinavian tour 2007! I very much appreciate it! I'm going to spend this weekend at my mother's place but on Monday I'll be going back home. On my way home I'll pick up my embellisher!!! Yes, it's true! Happy! Happy! Happy! And very excited!


Alis Clair said...

Great photography Annika.
What a wonderful gate and balcony.

Hope you enjoy your embellisher ;0)

Hugs, Alis

Jodi @ Happy House Quilts said...

I love architechtural features like this....wish I could live in a victorian home here in the states but hubby won't go for all the fixin upin it might need. OH how exciting about your machine!!! I purchased some needles and a foam pad the other day...I might need some coaching...but love it!

neki desu said...

love the colors!
congratulations on the embellisher and welcome back!
now it's my turn to go away.

neki desu