26 September 2007

Saturday night is Artnight!

The last Saturday in September is Artnight in the area where I (still, for a few more days) live. Every year artists open there studios for the public, Galleries and Museums are open, and artists show their work in every possible place. Churches, restaurants, shops, all over...

It opens at 6 pm and is open until 1 am. People go from place to place to look at art. There's live music, dance performances and storyteller´s taking you ghosthunting. I usually have a wonderful time!

The starting point for the evening is the Cityhall. Everyone that's participating in the event has one piece of work exhibited there. People go there to see what's on show and to get a map so they can find all the different places.

This is the piece I have at the Cityhall, remember it?. I handed it in the other day. Tonight there's a party for all the exhibiting artists. We get to see each others work and have a chance to cache up with friends. I always feel ambivalent about seeing my work when someone else has put the show together. Maybe I'm being a control freak, but what if I hate the way they show it?!


verobirdie said...

It sounds like great fun. I'm sure you will enjoy it, and this piece is lovely.

Micki said...

It's a great piece to show. Artnight sounds like a lot of fun!

Unknown said...

Artnight sounds great. And I'm sure they will show your beautiful piece nicely!
It looks like a beautiful book with tales of autumn and winter dreams mingled with summer memories...
Enjoy Artnight,


Denise Aumick said...

I remember this piece and love how you finished it off. Your creativity is amazing.
(By the way, a package is on its way to you).

neki desu said...

i can relate to what you say.Sometimes depending on the way a show is hung and what is placed next to your work can make or break your piece.
however your piece is pretty powerful.
So,have fun!

neki desu

Jane LaFazio said...

ooh, I like this piece. and I love the little birds at on your blog banner.