19 October 2007

7 things about me

I was tagged by Cramzy last week. I'm supposed to tell you 7 honest things about myself. Here we go!

1.I love my family and my friends!
2.I love a good story!
3.I love music with great lyrics!
4.I love to get up early in the morning!
5.I love the beach!
6.I love to ride my bike!
7.I love a good cup of coffee!

I guess I'm supposed to tag seven people but I won't. Feel free to join in if you like!


gunnelsvensson said...

kul att läsa lite mera om dig, visste inte att du var morgonmänniska! Jag är tvärtom........
Jag har blivit taggad tre gånger sista veckan, och gör som du för det inte vidare, orkar inte längre..........jag har lagt en länk till vad jag svarade i våras!

neki desu said...

don't tell me that gorgeous place is your new home!

neki desu

Five*Wises said...

No, but Annica!
I cannot believe it, but you did put an exclamation mark next to 4, ie. I love to get up early in the morning!!! May I add "exceptionally" and "exceptionally early"?! I know you do, but the rarity is the name of the game - or have I become so out of touch?! Coffee and toast please, in bed preferably until I manage to wake up!