22 November 2007

Still here...

Still here... I can feel how the lack of daylight makes my energylevels run low. It gets dark about 3.30 in the afternoon now. It's hard to get any stitching done at night. I can't see the colours properly. I'm working on the PIF gifts and the Christmas cards and some ATCs. Hopefully I'll be able to finish at least some of them this weekend.

I got this beautiful brooch from Alis. Thank you! I love it so much! I've already worn it several times and a lot of people admired it.

On Monday night I went for a coffee with some ladies that I met at the Embroiderers Guild. We are all interested in starting a stitching/study group mainly focusing on Japanese art and design. It was a very nice evening and we decided to meet again in January. It's good to have something to look forward to after the holidays.


neki desu said...

will this be an on line thing?
if it is i'd be interested
re sun this will make you happy :) here we get only 2 more hours so no big deal
neki desu

Unknown said...

Beautiful broach from Alis!
I can say that I feel the same about the early nightfall, it makes me want to crawl in bed and stay there until March:)
Have a good evening, take care

gunnelsvensson said...

Den är jättefin broschen från Alis! Kul att höra att du träffat nya textilvänner, från BRAK?!
Jaa, du mörkret är svårt nu, man saknar helt enkelt energi!

Anonymous said...

The broche is so beautiful.

I am also suffering from the lack of light! (Norway). Every year about this time I panick and wonder what I am doing here. People really get antisocial this time of year. It is strange how different life is here in the summer contra winter. The summer seems to make it all worth it though.

verobirdie said...

You meeting of Monday seems very interesting, both for meeting new people, and for the theme.

Annica said...

Thanks everyone! It's good to know that I'm not the only one suffering in the dark :-)

Neki, unfortunately the group is a face-to-face kind of thing. I'd love to be in an online study'nstitch group with you.


Hi Annika,
I am also looking forward to spring,
but I enjoy also the dark days now, it so nice to sit here with the candels and so on. But unfortunately I have to go to my job every day and when I come back, it is dark outside.
Wish you the best

Micki said...

The brooch is lovely. I think I would go stark raving mad if it got dark any earlier than 6pm here. Have you ever tried one of those special lights that is suppose to help people who have to deal with so much darkness?

Françoise said...

Here it's dark at 5 pm, and I hate it!
Japan art and design, how great! As Neki, I would be interested if it's an online group...

Kate North said...

That's a lovely brooch - lucky you.
Got your Christmas postcard today in the post - thank you, it's lovely - and thanks for the bits, too. Mine will go out early next week, I hope - they are nearly done.