01 December 2007

ATCs and a Bookmark from Sue

Here are some ATCs I made a couple of months ago. The top one to the left has already been traded, the other three are available.

This beautiful bookmark is from Sue Krekorian. Sue doesn't have a blog yet, I know her from the Unlimited Textiles group. Take a look at the gorgeous quiltie I got from her in another swap.


Doreen G said...

These are wonderful Annica and I know we have swapped a lot before but I would love one of these if I can have one please--the top right is my first choice but any of the others would do.
I will do a hand stitched one in return.

Françoise said...

I love the last one on the right...
Can we swap, pleaaase?

Gina said...

Annica, Am I too late to trade one of these cards? They are beautiful.
Gina x

Unknown said...

Hi Annica, I also love to trade with you, maybe not this time but the next time?

Tonje said...

Wow... these are gorgeous ATCs... Makes me want to make fiber atcs and not just drawn/painted ones.