06 December 2007

Meme and ATC

I've been tagged by Vero. You probably feel like you know far more about me then you like to already but here goes!

1. Jobs I’ve had
waitress (way back), shop-assistant (also a long time ago), teacher, massage therapist

2. Films I can watch over and over
I love to watch old films on TV, like “Lawrence of Arabia” with Peter O’Toole, Alec Guinness and Anthony Quinn. You’ve all seen it right?

3. TV shows I watch
House, CSI,

4. Place I have lived
London (UK) and seven different places in Sweden. Yes, I’ve moved a lot! Right now I live in Stockholm, Sweden. Vero, I’ll grab my camera some day and take a bunch of winter shots of Stockholm for you.

5. Favourite foods
Sushi, Cheese, Fishsoup, Mushroomsoup, Homebaked bread and I love my veggies! Fresh fruit of course and smoothies.

6. Favourite colours
All of them but not at the same time.

7. Places I would love to be right now
Some place warm and sunny. Visiting friends in London, on Barbados and in the States.

8. Names I love but would not use for my children
Carl and Adam because that’s the names of my two nephews.

Tag a long if you like!

The ATC is a card I traded with Lorenza a couple of weeks ago.

1 comment:

verobirdie said...

Why am I not suprised about the sunny place?
I'll be glad to see the pictures!
Have a nice day