31 December 2007

Plans for 2008

A new year and a new header! But first I'd like to thank everyone who's been visiting my blog this year! Your appreciation and kind words mean so much to me! I'd also like to thank my blogging friends all over the world. Thank you for sharing you work, thoughts and lives with us! The inspiration and generosity in this community is amazing! You all make me feel so rich! I wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Creative 2008!

I've been making a few plans for 2008. One of my friends give a workshop in the end of December every year. We are a group of women that meet up to make a "shield" for the new year. We choose symbols for our hopes and dreams for the year to come. This is my shield for 2008.

I joined Sharon B's Take It Further Challenge a couple of weeks ago. I'm really looking forward to it.

Yesterday I found another challenge called Creative Every Day 2008 that I decided to join. Leah who runs the challenge writes: This is a low pressure challenge, with the idea of bringing more creativity into our lives. Sounds great!

I've been admiring Terri and Natalyas weekly journal quilts. Congratulations to both of you! I don't think I can make a commitment like that but I'm going to try to make a monthly journal. Maybe I can do what Ruth is planing to do and use the TIF Challenge as a starting point for my journal pages, we'll see...

I'm also planing to participate in the challenges on the swedish fiber blog Indigo. The picture above is from the December challenge. The theme was Sparkle and Glitter.

Another thing that I'm looking forward to is to learn a little bit more about Japanese fiber art. I'm going to take a sashiko workshop in February. If anyone would like to join the ichiban stitch group your very welcome!


verobirdie said...

Hi Annica,
Your shield speaks of sun and blue sky and flowers. Do I see a message there ? :-)
Anyway, I wish you to have the best possible 2008 year, full of health, joy and creativity.

Susan D said...

A very Happy and creative 2008.

Ruth said...

I really like your new header and your shield looks like you'll be having a wonderful year for 2008. Such an innovative way to celebrate the coming year. I hope I can keep up with my journal quilt idea but perhaps being only once a month, I'll make it. Happy New Year!

Micki said...

Wonderful pieces, Annica. Best Wishes for a wonderful New Year!

Anonymous said...

Hey I gotta stop by here more often! I am so glad to see you taking on new challenges and you have peaked my interest to check these out as well. I am always worried I will fall behind but what a great way to consistantly be inspired to create! Like a free class. I was really bad about TAST, I wish I could do it again from the beginning... heres to a new year no more griping and just do it! Right???

Anonymous said...

PS please tell me how you get your header like this? Mine is way to big!