18 December 2007

Stockholm in the winter

Vero, this post is for you! You said you wanted to know what Stockholm looks like in the winter. It's a little bit for you too Susan. I hope you make it to Sweden next summer. It will be warmer than in these photos, promise!

The Public Library. One of the most famous buildings in Stockholm.

View from The Royal Palace. The building to the left is The National Museum.

Christmas is here!

Say Hi to my friend Rudolph!

Christmas shopping in Old Town, the medival part of the city.

Christmas decorations at NK, one of the big departmentstores downtown.


Lorenza said...

Thank you for showing a bit of your city, I like to travel even if only virtually

Susan Lenz said...

Fabulous! Your photos are captivating and full of holiday spirit. I really do hope that I can come next summer. It would be fantastic. Earlier today, while I was posting on my blog, I wrote a sentence about photographing my work outside for natural lighting. In the past few days I've waited too long and it has gotten too dark, even about 5:00 PM. Later, I was thinking about you and some of the other Scandinavian bloggers. It's likely too dark outside all day long during this time of the year. I went to Helsinki during June in 2005. It really never got dark at all. This is all so interesting...to be sharing our lives, our love of embroidery, and our various art works with people in so many interesting places. Thanks so much for your photos. Even if your days are mostly darken in the winter, one can tell from the pictures that the holiday spirit is quite vibrant.

verobirdie said...

Thank you Annica !
The shy in the view from the Royal Palace is beautiful. Just wondering at which time you took the picture. Here, we would have that sort of sky after 5:00 pm...
I suppose the deer is a real one. 3pfff. And i'm sure I would love the old town.
Amandine is arriving next Satturday. Can't believe last year she was preparing her stay in Stockholm. The year has gone by so quickly. Anyway, I'll show her the pictures.
Thanks again

Annica said...

I took the photo of the National Museum at about 3 pm. By 3.30 it's dark... The same thing in the morning. The sun doesn't come up until 8.30 -9.00. We only have daylight 6-7 hours a day right now.
The good news is that this is the darkest week of the year.

Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

thank you for those lovely photos... I plan to visit your city one day in the future, it'll make a good stop over on the way to Russia I think...
it looks wonderful..

stromsjo said...

Nice winter collection, Annica. Wish we could have some real winter as well. It sure is dark these days.

Emmy said...

I was in stokholm last summer and I hade a greet time I love your pictures