12 January 2008

TIF and stuff

Thanks everyone who left a comment on my last post! I'll use the same words as Beate did on her blog. You are all special to me!

My TIF piece is moving forward. Right now I'm stitching the background to give it more texture.

I stumbled across this new blog yesterday. It's brand new but looks very promising. It's called I'd rather be in India. Hopefully Tiggy will be able to find an internet connection and post plenty of pics for us to enjoy. I found this blog through Embroidery Overlaps by Barbara Cheeseman. Barbara is doing the TIF challenge too.


vincibene said...

Your Tif-piece grews gorgeous! And thnakyou for the wonderful blogs. I need more time! It is boundless.


Linda Stokes said...

Nice idea, looks like it's coming to fruition beautifully.

Barbara Hagerty said...

It looks terrific! I went backwards and read all your TIF posts up to this one. What great ideas you have and great progress you're making. I LOVE silk, also. Great piece!

Dianne said...

I love how you're TIF is looking - can't wait to see the finished piece.