01 January 2008

Trying to Take it Further...

Yesterday Sharon B posted the January TIF Challenge on her blog In A Minute Ago.

The key concept for January is a feeling we have all had, the feeling of admiration for another. Ask yourself who do you look up to and admire? Why? What is it you admire about them?

Now, this takes a bit of thinking! Who do I look up to and admire? I started of by thinking about people I've met and people I've read about. Went on to people who have written books I love and artists whos' work I treasure. None of it spoke to me.

Different approach was needed. I decided to take a close look at the word admire. What does it really mean?

"To respect and approve of someone or their behavior." All of a sudden I realised why this was so hard for me. Just like Ruth I don't usually admire a person, I respect and approve someones behavior or qualities.

So what kind of behavior is it that I respect and approve of? What kind of qualities do I admire in others? This will be my interpretation of this months challenge.

The second option this month is a colour scheme. You can see this months colour scheme below. I haven't made up my mind whether to use it or not. We'll see as we go along.



Hi Annica,
I see the same problem for me, I can´t find only one person. I admire people, who have written wonderful books or short stories, but there are so many. And I agree with you we can interpret the challenge in this form: qualities or kind of behaviours.

NuvoFelt said...

I too had the same problem. It's good to have a thought provoking theme. If we all stick with it we will certainly 'take it further'!

neki desu said...

that's why i chose the colourway.
btw your rainy day with sunshine is great.you are color and color is you.

it is said over here that when sunlight filters through the rain is that the witches are getting married.
always thought that was really odd :)

neki desu