22 March 2008

This morning...

I made three new stamps and tried them out.

The stamps are made out of some plastic foam material that I found in the recycle room at work. Yeah that's me! The crazy lady that goes through other peoples garbage :-)

If you say any of the following things on a regular basis, that means you're one of us:
This looks interesting!
I know exactly what to do with that!
I can use that!
This might come in handy some day...
Why would anyone throw away something like this?
Look, it's working!
This can be very useful!
It's not even broken!


Vicki W said...

Very cool!!

Sequana said...

I sooooo need to make some stamps!
I see how to do it, with what materials to make them, but finding the time has been almost impossible. These look just wonderful......

Anonymous said...

great stamps. I say ALL those things!

neki desu said...

neat stamps!
what about just staring at the garbage and going HMMMM! does that count? :)

happy easter!

neki desu