29 June 2008

TIF June

The TIF challenge this month was to think about stories that are and stories that are possible.

Sharone wrote Or it is possibly more correct to say that stashes are full of stories. The interesting thing for textile practitoners is that these materials can take on another story. They can be made into something new and take on other meanings in someones life.

In the beginning of this month I got a wonderful gift from Jude. Thanks Jude!:-) After reading what Sharon wrote I decided to use some of the scraps Jude send me for this months challenge.

In the swedish language the word for story is the same as the word for history. I started browsing sites about historical buildings etc for inspiration. Those of you that read Judes blog knows that she has a lot of lions on her quilts. I took a closer look at the lions on the Coat of Arms of Sweden. I found an old Coat of Arms that looked like this. A yellow lion on a blue background with diagonal stripes.

Below you can see my interpretation.

Have a great Sunday!


Sequana said...

You do the most wonderful and creative things for this project. *S*

Lise said...

Bildene fra Gotland er VAKRE! Løven din ser nesten ut som det norske riksvåpenet........

Jeanette Nord said...

Oh vilka underbara bilder från Gotland! Vill dyka in i datorn....Och vilket häftigt broderi. Jag har inte broderat på evigheter men blev lite sugen. Får se vad jag får till under ledigheten i sommar!

Ha det härligt!


Genie said...

He,s "Wicked"

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I have nominted you for an award and tagged you for a meme at the same time. please dont feel obliged to play along if you dont wnt to. xx

jude said...

now i know why you are FABULOUS THREADS! this is great!