27 September 2008

TIF September

The September TIF challenge was lists. This is what my lists look like. I write things down on Post-it Notes and put them all over the place.


gunnelsvensson said...

Det var inte dåligt att brodera sina komihåg-lappar :-)


Hi Annika,
I also love these post-its,
have a nice weekend,

Jackie said...

So...what on earth are you going do for the TIF? There should be a list with 'TIF' on it.

Wanda said...

ha ha With THAT for a challenge, I would win. I am often called the queen of lists. Sometimes I have lists of lists. And if they aren't excel lists, they are handwritten to look like it! I LOVE your post-it list!!! I really need to learn to keep it simple!!! Great posts!