25 July 2009

Done #3

Another WIP... If you think that you can see a pattern here you're right. I'm trying to finish a few things before getting started on something new. I picked three UFOs that I wanted to finish from the big pile of unfinished objects. So far it's working out. This is the third and last piece.

I don't particularly like this piece but when I was stitching I came up with an idea about what to try next.


Marty Mason said...

What's not to like. It's a GREAT piece. Send it my way!!


I love how that happens. When you are working on a piece and you have time to think and let things flow to new ideas


Lise said...

The piece turned out great, Annica. I wonder if I shall have a look at my UFOs!!

Wanda said...

I kind of DO like this piece...it mixes two different "things". I don't know what you call it but it is very unique. Hats off for finishing UFOs...I never do it seems!