15 August 2009

Challenge - Brooch

I belong to a local group of the Swedish Embroiderers Guild. We meet about once a month and for every time we try to come up with different challenges.

This is the June challenge. Three of us brought small samples of materials like plastic net, cheescloth, banana fibre and paper. The challenge was to make a piece of jewelry using all the different materials. I made a brooch. If you look closely you can actually find som stitches there.


Jeanette Nord said...

Thats a really cool brooch! Thanks for the tip about how to get out of a creative drought, can`t wait to start sewing lines. Very inspirational!

Take care

Wanda said...

What a neat challenge! And great results! I think it is important to cultivate one's imagination. Through your guild, you are doing just that. Wonderful. I always say I have no imagination and it is probably because I am never challenged.

Robin Olsen said...

Very creative response to the challenge. What a fun brooch!