24 October 2009

Painting silk

Last weekend I took a silkpainting class. Silk is an amazing fiber.

I've tried painting on silk once or twice before and I really wanted to learn some more. I loose my sense of time and space when I paint. Very relaxing!

Have a nice weekend!


Maya Sara Matthew said...

That almost looks three dimensional. The colours are wonderful, I love that segment of the colour wheel.


Hi Annica, yes silk painting is such fun. I love the way the vibrant silk paints run together ... so lovely!

I'm having a blog giveaway if you would like to put your name in the pointy hat to win a textile art/craft inspiration pack

Have a lovely weekend

Carolyn ♥

jude said...

oh wow.

Corryna said...

Wow! These colours are so rich. This is a 'I want to have it'- fabric.

gunnelsvensson said...

Vet inte vad jag gör, tror att min kommentar kom bort?! I alla fall ville jag säga att visst är sidenmålning kul ?

Ruth said...

A silk painting class sounds wonderful. Love the colors in this one.

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

This is a great beginning Annica! You'll be hooked in no time.

Susan Lenz said...

Great recent posts! Your photos take me back to our wonderful time in Austria and the Czech Republic. I really like your brooch too!

Genie said...

Beautiful colour Annica
have a great weekend

Jeanette Nord said...

I painted some silk this weekend too. Haven`t done it for a very long time. Great fun though...and quite hard to stop once I was started.

Take care