15 July 2007

My life as a biker chick

Well, you all know about boys and toys right. This is my brothers latest toy! It's not his first motorbike and I've taken trips with him before. However, I do believe this is the tiniest seat I've ever called home. Let me just tell you, I'm not a size zero girl...

I love the speed though! On Saturday the weather was beautiful. We went to a small town, about 40 minutes from Stockholm, called Vaxholm. We had lunch and a look around. I had the opportunity to do one of my favourite things- look at people.

This is the kind of bike I'd like to ride. I love all the pretty flowers. Isn't it gorgeous?

To everyone how left a comment on my previous post. Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy being on the road with me!


neki desu said...

So you're calling a bike seat home. Enjoy the road!
loved vaxholm.

neki desu

Alis Clair said...

I've never been at home on the back of a bike! Good for you though.

I do love the "flower power" bike though.

Anonymous said...

I went by boat to Vaxholm, but it must be fun by bike too. Amandine and I admire all those pretty houses we show on the way and we enjoyed the trip, despite the very bad weather we had this day. The landscape is so beautiful that rain does not ruin the sight.
Keep telling us about your trip !

Anonymous said...

Annica you are so cute! I love the description here. I also am not a "size zero girl", and I dont think I could stay on that seat for long!