09 February 2008

A New Beginning

I haven't forgotten about TIF this month. I've just been very busy with other things. My plans for this weekend is to get going with the challenge. I've decided to go with the theme What are you old enough to remember?

I was born in 1968 so I don't really remember anything from the sixties. My first memories are from the early seventies when everything was orange and brown, preferabely in corduroy. Not very inspiring to me. So I went on to think about memories in general. "Going down Memory lane", "Patchwork of Memories" and "Fragments of Memories". Patchwork and fragments...



Let the stitching begin!
Have a nice weekend!


Doreen G said...

This looks interesting Annica I will keep looking to see where you go with it.

Angela said...

I like the beginnings of your piece very much and will be interested to see how you progress with it.

gunnelsvensson said...

Kul att du gör en boten i lappteknik! Ska bli spännande att följa!


Hi Annica,
this could be very intersting, looking forward to the result,
wish you a wonderful sunday

Ruth said...

Nice start - I'm looking forward to seeing the stitching.

Unknown said...

It's fascinating - I love what those colours do against the background

Meg in Tennessee said...

This looks like it will be a fun project. Can't wait to see what you add next.

jude said...

this looks really interesting, beautiful composition!

Jeanette Nord said...

I was born 1962 and my childhood had alot of brown and orange in it too.....I like the look of both! But especially the black and white one! It`s going to be fun to watch the progress!

Have a nice day!

Unknown said...

Dear Annica, this is beautiful! I love these colourful flashy squares on the calm natural ones. and the tif preview pieces are nice too, very minimalistic and pure!

Now, I wanted to invite you to come and play on my blog, you can win something. You just have to leave a comment saying that you're in! (Paris Souvenirs!)

Bye for now,
your friend Andrea from Paris