12 April 2008

Seven Things That Makes Me a Happy Stitcher

Today I was tagged by Gunnel to tell seven things about myself. If you, for some reason I can't imagine, would like to know a little bit more about me you can read here, here, here, here and here. Are you tired of me yet? :-)

So, here are seven things that makes me a happy stitcher.

Friends to share with and learn from

This is a photo of me taken at a stitchgroup a few months ago.

I'm supposed to tag seven people but I think I'll skip that part. If you'd like to join in, please do!


verobirdie said...

Nice to see you!
Btw, I have about half of your books too :-) and the cup of coffee

Anonymous said...

Hi Annica, I enjoyed your original pictorial response to the tagging questions. I would swap the coffee for a nice strong pot of tea, however!

gunnelsvensson said...

Hej Annica! Visste inte om du ville bli "taggad", du har ju blivit det ett antal gånger nu! Kul att du hängde på ideen med att lägga in foton, tyckte att det kunde bli en ny variant! Och kul att se dig, nu när jag gått ur facebook (har du märkt det??) så kan jag ju inte "titta" på dig! Men vi känner nog igen varandra till sommaren Kram!

Doreen G said...

Mine would be the same except for the coffee and I agree it's nice to see you.

Purple Missus said...

I'm in total agreement Annica, although I prefer tea :))
I would have to add numner 8 to this 'happy stitcher' list - Creating a piece of my own work that I was totally happy with!

Lise said...

Hei! S� god ide med fotografier!! Og jeg fulgte faktisk linkene dine - s� n� vet jeg ganske mye om deg.....
Jeg har v�rt p� ferie i 2 uker, men n� er jeg "oppdatert" p� tegningene dine fra mars. Veldig bra !!

Genie said...

Agree on all points.

neki desu said...

funny how you imagine people!
had a mental picture of you with lighter hair and a short bob with bangs :)
And yes a good cup of aromatic coffee in front of the computer playing w. PS, later to be turned into textiles :) :)

neki desu

Julia said...

Annica, very good choices .It has to be coffee with a good book!I have the 3 at the bottom of the pile too. Nice to see you at last:-)