18 July 2008

A Few More Pics from Gotland

These photos are for you Vero. Just to make sure you will come to Sweden next year! :-)

This is where I'll be tonight. Tomorrow I might show you what I'm working on right now. You can never guess :-)


Sue said...

Dear Annica,
Gotland looks idyllic and refreshing, with good clean air and peaceful vistas. Thank you for taking me there, too: armchair travelling is all I'm up to right now, still feeling very poorly and fed up with life so distractions like these are very welcome. Have you seen any sheep? I believe the local sheep are rather special.
I'm enjoying your holidays!

verobirdie said...

When I came back from Sweden last year, I realize how clean the air is there, just as if I were in the mountains. It was amazing. And the landscape are beautiful too.
OK Annica, you'll have to bear with me in a few months :-)
Have you been to Oland? I had bad weather there, but it is beautiful too.