19 July 2008

Something old and something new...

Sue asked me about the sheep on Gotland. There was sheep everywhere! No pics though. Sorry! There is more information about the Gute Sheep here.

Vero asked if I've been to Öland. That is the second largest island in the Baltic Sea. I was there two years ago. The northern part of Gotland reminded me very much of Öland. Here are some photos from my holiday two years ago. Enjoy!

Yesterday I said that I was going to show you what I'm working on right now. Here it is. I'm crocheting a shawl. The pattern is here.

Have a nice weekend!


Gina said...

Beautiful photographs Annica and the shawl looks great!

La journée de Miss Doodle said...

Hi Annica, everything has changed here! That is I haven't been here so long, so thanks so much for coming to my blog this morning!
I love these pictures, these are precious things your eyes catched for us, Wonderful details. Adn the shawl looks like a really happy one:)
I like your new Blog-ourfit, it looks very classy!
Oh and: your picture is nice, you are beautiful!

Julia said...

I like your new look Annica!
Your shawl is beautiful.I like the different colours of the flowers.

Jeanette Nord said...

Underbar sjal och underbara bilder. Fick mig att längta till Öland! Och Gotland! Blir så avundsjuk på alla som kan virka. Jag är helt hopplös och har aldrig lyckats lära mig. Skulle vilja göra ett draperi av ditt sjalmönster men det hade aldrig funkat...Jag blir så ARG och FRUSTRERAD att jag snudd på tuggar fradga och blir farlig för allmänheten när jag virkar. ( Aldrig när jag stickar dock...) Vem sade att handarbete var rogivande? Inte jag i alla fall!


gunnelsvensson said...

Hej Annica! Så fin och fräsch din blogg har blivit! Och så underbara bilder från Öland och Gotland! visst bor vi fint i Sverige?
Söt virkning, är väl passande sommararbete

Alis Clair said...

You do take fantastic photos Annica.
Love looking at them.

I think your new "Blog-outfit" is great too.


Great pictures!

Leah said...

lovely photos! are those things in the second photo beehives? or just really creative artwork? i love that white adobe-looking house/cottage and the pretty green path. so romantic looking.